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New Design & Engineering program launched in select clubs in the midlands

Coding, Robotics, Game Development & 3d Design for 7-17 year olds

Through our unique learning model, students can meet with peers and share their experience in class, and further their fun and learning at home too. Currently we have two programs – all involve 3d design and printing; our Robotics program is more focused on learning to code with exciting hands on challenges, while our Design program empowers students to make their ideas become reality through game development, movie making and 3d design.

About us

We believe the best way to prepare students for jobs that don’t yet exist is to bridge the gap between the creative and the engineering mind. Our programs are developed by our own engineers and educationalists to help future engineers think like artists and vice versa.¬†

Sparkademy is now running for its third year, with many of the original students still coming to work on cool projects with their peers. In addition to design and robotics we are currently developing programs in IOT Game Development and Music Technology. What do you want to make today?

Deirdre Flynn, Athlone - Aug 2019
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"Enda is so looking forward to getting back into the swing of it again! ūüėÄ He had an amazing time at the summer camp. Thank you for everything."
Ber Carroll, Portlaoise Aug 2019
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"Frankie was busy all summer creating and coming up with ideas. Thank you all so much for the work you do, it's fantastic for kids like Frankie who have the creative mind and just need the tools and encouragement to develop it. Frankie can't wait to get back to classes"

Why enroll with Sparkademy?

Home play and learning

Our club members have already demonstrated amazing creativity during and after 2018/2019 term – building video games and working on design projects at home between fortnightly classes and during holiday breaks. Next term we will bring this one step further by providing a bring-home robotics kit. Now students can play with what they’ve made in class (shh – don’t tell them they’re still learning!).

Design Thinking

Students will design and 3d print components to add functionality to their robots or creative projects. Design Thinking  is a process of creating and testing innovative ideas to improve a product or solve existing problems. With 3d printing students can touch and feel their designs -so they can think like real designers and problem solvers.

Secondary school Computer Science curriculum

A pilot Computer Science program has recently¬† been launched in secondary schools. It focuses on problem solving and building skills in Design Thinking. Our Coding, Robotics an 3d Printing program provides a foundation for later academic years –¬† engaging¬† students in interesting hands-on projects. The key to successful Computer Science learning is¬† better engagement through hands-on and take-home projects. Additionally we teach Design Thinking principles through 3d printing, and apply that learning to students’ coding and robotics projects. Younger students learn Computer Science basics through drag-and-drop block based coding, while older students can switch to programming in Python when they are ready.¬†

Our programs

Design program

Learn how to become a designer! Design and print 3d objects for your stop motion movie set, design and make a take-home game controller to play your own video games, build a Geodesic Dome, tinker with simple electric circuits and much more..

Robotics program

With our unique learning model, students get to bring home and keep their robot and the 3d printed parts they design to customize it - made easy for parents with a monthly payment system. Younger students become proficient at 3d design and block based coding, while older students get to tinker with Python, through an exciting range of challenges..