Welcome to Sparkademy weekly Classes! We aim to spark your child’s interest in their future career path – and have lots of fun along the way. Every few weeks we introduce a new topic – the main areas are design, video game development, robotics, music technology, movie making and more. The three pillars of our classes are:

  • Learn how to design and create solutions to challenges
  • Learn to work effectively and problem solve in teams
  • Peer learning – our classes provide a supportive learning environment where students spark ideas and learn from each other

We have 4 age groups:

  • Creator’s club (5-7 yrs): Develop logical thinking skills, introduction to screen free, flow & block based programming, chain reactions, make simple electric circuits,
  • Junior (8-9) & Senior (9-11) STEM Discovery Club: Video game development, robotics, electronics, flow & block based programming.
  • Teen engineering (12-15yrs): Customise your robot for a competitive team challenge (MakeX robotics competition), compose digital music with peers, design 3d models, develop video games!

Pre-enrolment has just finished but we have still have some spots available – if your desired class is full please add your name to the waiting list and we’ll be in touch as soon as a spot becomes available..

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Weekly classes FAQ

Q. I see the term is until Christmas – do I have to pay until then?

A. Commitment is month-to-month – we list the term until Christmas so people know what dates are on. We automatically send dates for the new term before Christmas but there is no need to re-enrol.

Q. Why do you run a subscription basis rather than pay up front?

A. We use Class4kids as our booking system. There are some clubs in Ireland using it, and it is very popular in the UK. Most clubs in the UK are using a subscription system now at the behest of parents since there is no upfront lump sum, and less onerous ongoing commitments

Q. What if it’s not for my child and they want to stop classes?

A. If you stop within the first 2 weeks we refund you the full month payment. After that please give us one month’s notice – we stop the subscription immediately and then you simply run out the remaining classes you have in credit – usually about a month’s worth, but can be more.

Q. Do I pay during holiday periods?

A. Yes – but these are payments for actual classes. Payments are made each month – some months you will have gotten more classes than paid for, some less – either way it is impossible to be overcharged – just let us know when to stop the subscription and we’ll tell you how many classes there are left to run out. We give 36 classes per year.

Q. Is there a sibling discount?

A. Yes – 10% for the 2nd sibling, 20% for third. If you enrol more than one child I will be notified and I will apply the discount manually.

Q. When does my card get charged?

A. First billing is not till first week of October for new customers, even though some classes begin before that.

Q. I want to enrol to guarantee my place but I won’t have access to our debit card till after the weekend – what should I do?

A. No problem – you can enrol without entering a payment method – the system will not make a call for your payment method until first billing (October 1st).

Q. I want to join but the day is clashing with another activity – but I would like to join after the other activity finishes.

A. Best thing to do is enrol your child now and message us to let us know you want to go on the waiting list – I will then transfer you from the register and on to the waiting list and make a note to contact you when places are available. Alternatively check nearby locations

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