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Design Program: Engineering & 3d Design for 7-13 year olds

Learn how to become a designer! Design and print 3d objects for your stop motion movie set, design and make a take-home electronic musical instrument, build a Geodesic Dome, tinker with simple electric circuits. design gadgets with Lego® and programmable electronic blocks and much more..

You can find full details of the program in the FAQ below but here’s a quick summary.. Its month to month commitment, with a free trial session, 2.5 hours of tuition per month average (1 hour 20 mins long classes every second week), take home electronics, design app and students’ 3d printed models all included in the monthly cost of €26.50

We currently have availability only for 7-9 year olds in Tullamore, Athlone, and Mullingar.

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Deirdre Flynn, Athlone - Aug 2019
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"Enda is so looking forward to getting back into the swing of it again! 😀 He had an amazing time at the summer camp. Thank you for everything."
Ber Carroll, Portlaoise Aug 2019
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"Frankie was busy all summer creating and coming up with ideas. Thank you all so much for the work you do, it's fantastic for kids like Frankie who have the creative mind and just need the tools and encouragement to develop it. Frankie can't wait to get back to classes"

Course content

The junior primary age group includes 7-9 year olds and senior primary is for 10-13 year olds. We aim to provide a holistic design learning experience through blending projects: For instance students will design and print 3d objects for their own stop motion movies, and make their take home electronic musical instruments customized with their 3d design. During this program we will enhance design skills as we explore engineering principles - such as building and testing the strength of a Geodesic Dome, and making simple electric circuits.
We also provide Lego® and programmable electronic blocks to allow students to complete design and prototyping projects. Our FAQ below gives a detailed description of the program and learning outcomes.


Most frequent questions and answers

We begin classes teaching all the concepts from the beginning, so no previous coding or design experience is required.

For now only Portlaoise, Athlone and Tullamore. Other clubs are on hold temporarily.

Autumn term begins September or October depending on location. You can login to your parent account at any time to see the list of dates for classes. Alternatively you can see the term dates on our booking page.

The monthly cost is €26.50 for the Design program. There are roughly 2.5 hours of tuition per month and we provide additional materials for students to complete projects at home. Commitment is month to month and he monthly fee includes the cost of fortnightly classes, bring home electronics kit and bring home 3d printed designs. You can sign up for a free trial to see if theses classes are a good fit for your child. Because the cost of the bring home kit and apps make up a substantial proportion of the overall cost we don’t have a sibling discount.

We provide laptops and tablets in class. Our 3d design app can run on tablets, as can a basic version of our coding app. This is suitable for students in the Juniors class. We recommend that a tablet (or laptop) is made available for students to tinker with at home so they can leverage their fun and learning. For older students we recommend a laptop (available to use at home) rather than tablet, as it is easier to work on more advanced challenges with laptops. Students are welcome to bring laptops and tablets into class which will reduce their setup / logging in time. All our apps are cloud enabled and students can save their work from any device and log in later at home.

Payment is debited from your card on the first of every month. The minimum commitment for this program one month. If you wish to take a break from the club we just need 30 days notice in writing –  please write an email to [email protected] and we will cease your subscription. Although our system is made simple with easy month to month commitment – it is also designed to be easy for students who want to continue classes year round. For this reason the payment is spread out evenly over 12 months of the year – so payments are still made during school holidays. With this system, there is no need to stop and restart, and monthly payments are also reduced, making the system more affordable. We break during Christmas, mid term breaks and summer holidays, although we provide home challenges and competitions for member s during the holiday periods also. There are 18 meetups during the year, so for every 1.5 classes attended you will owe 1 month payment. Each month’s payment covers not only the cost of classes, it also includes the bring home hardware and apps. 

There is no action to be taken on your part. We carry out all necessary admin on your account.

The kit for the Design program includes:


  • Makey Makey electronic prototyping kit
  • 3d printed parts and gadgets as designed by students


  • Award winning 3d design app (Makers Empire)
  • Scratch 3.0 (free app)
Students will design and build some additional gadgets with Lego and programmable blocks – note these are not bring home items. We do not provide tablets and laptops to bring home, although they are supplied in the classroom. We recommend students bring their own devices so they they can have a better learning experience at home.
Juniors (8-9 yrs)

Each class is 1 hr and 20 mins long. During each class we will complete hands on design and building projects including:

  • Build a stop motion movie set, and record movies
  • Learn how to make electric circuits with the Makey Makey electronic prototyping board
  • Design and prototype physical solutions such as a game controller using Makey Makey
  • Learn about structural engineering by building  a Geodesic Dome with straws and 3d printed connectors
  • Design and 3d print your own hero for your movie story
  • Design and build gadgets in the classroom with Lego and programmable electronic blocks. Note these are not take-home items. 
Students will have the ability to play and build skills at home also using their take home kit and design apps.

Why enroll with Sparkademy?

Home play and learning

Our club members have already demonstrated amazing creativity during and after 2018/2019 term – building video games and working on design projects at home between fortnightly classes and during holiday breaks. Next term we will bring this one step further by providing  bring-home projects and design challenges that cam be completed at home, including award winning design apps, electronics kit, 3d printed designs. Now students can play with what they’ve made in class (shh – don’t tell them they’re still learning!).

Design Thinking

Students will design and 3d print components to enhance their hands-on projects. Design Thinking  is a process of creating and testing innovative ideas to improve a product or solve existing problems. With 3d printing students can touch and feel their designs -so they can think like real designers and problem solvers. In addition to 3d printing, students will also develop their design skills through learning how to ideate and develop video games, and through using the Makey Makey electronic prototyping board with various hands on design projects.

About us

We believe the best way to prepare students for jobs that don’t yet exist is to bridge the gap between the creative and the engineering mind. Our programs are developed by our own engineers and educationalists to help future engineers think like artists and vice versa. 

Sparkademy is now running for its third year, with many of the original students still coming to work on cool projects with their peers. In addition to design and robotics we are currently developing programs in IOT Game Development and Music Technology. What do you want to make today?