**If you have already been to our camp this Summer not to fear – our new additions from week 23rd July include – programmable drones age 9+, robot wars age 7+, programmable spiderbots age 10+, Arduino programming 11+, music technology 12+**

Here’s a snapshot of our Teen Engineering camps suitable for 11+: It will have less construction (although it will introduce a cool new aluminium based construction system) and a strong music technology component – introducing Soundtrap, Littlebits Synth Kit & Korg Volca. It also introduces Arduino robotics + we’ll be making more video games..

We are not repeating the models from round 1 camps in August. Here’s a snapshot of our Junior Inventor camps suitable for 6+: It introduces new pet robotics + fan powered drag car racing, more video game design and some new lego projects involving programmable blocks.

Booking link Mullingar

Any questions please give us a call on 083 8513319 or get in contact through Chat box.

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