Little Makers has been delivering ‘Creative Making’ workshops since 2016, mainly through the medium of Lego and Arts & Crafts – primarily as a result of Kate’s love of art and for children’s education. As Ross became more involved – being an engineer – we began offering some workshops in robotics and technology too. Gradually the profile of the children coming to our workshops got older – and our name wasn’t serving us so well any more! In addition, we began teaching coding to kids of all ages – so our activities weren’t quite all about ‘making’ anymore either. Our aim was always to help spark off kids awareness of their natural talents through making, creating and problem solving. So we thought about it for a while and the name ‘Sparkademy’ was born.

Over the last number of months we’ve been building upon our class and camp content – looking for the types of engaging activities not currently being met in the Irish marketplace – which would better assist with kids development, and provide direction for ours. And given that this space is evolving so fast, we found lots of material. Probably thanks to the kick-starter phenomenon, there are new Ed Tech (Educational Technology) companies popping up with all sorts of new ideas and gadgets – at a rate never seen before. Our aim is to use this new technology to help develop fun & engaging challenges for classes and camps, delivered through a new user interface we are developing.

We try to maintain a balance between depth and breadth of challenges – so kids can ‘spark’ their interest in a wide variety of topics, while also building meaningful skills in each area. Our 4 main topics are Engineering, Design, Robotics & Game Development. Our class plans are a mixture of instruction based challenges for skills building, and also open ended exploration & real world problem solving help capitalize on those skills. We look forward to sparking your child’s talents soon!