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    Auto dino

    Make a controller that automatically plays the famous chrome dino game!

    We will begin by building the controller. Because we will use an analog light sensor to control Auto Dino, we'll take a look at how analog sensors work. Then we'll install Arduino IDE to help plot the light sensor values on a graph. After Arduino IDE is installed, we'll make a simple program to monitor sensor values in Blockly, and following that we'll monitor them in Arduino IDE, this time in a chart. You will be able to see how the light sensor reacts to all sorts of different conditions. Before we program our Auto Dino, we'll take a look at how the light sensor sees the cactuses and Petrodactyls - and then we'll have a good idea of how to make our program. Our program will use variables to store light readings, so one more thing we'll do before making the program is to review how variables work. Finally we'll make a program to make Auto Dino play the game for us hands free!

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    Design a logo for your apps

    Make your own logo you can use on your apps! We will use Inkscape, an app used by professional graphic designers to make logos, illustrations…
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    Design a pencil holder

    Make a cool pencil holder that makes your pencils look like spikes on a hedgehog!
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    Game controller – Hill Climb Racer

    Make a controller to play the Scratch game - Hill climb Racer! The controls are fairly simple, just accelerate and brake - but it takes a lot of skill to avoid going to fast as you get to the top of the hill. Have fun!

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    Glow Bubble Maker

    Make a steady stream of bubbles with your 6-ring bubble wand! Trigger the bubble maker to work as you wish.. Add a sound sensor to…
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    Man and Dog sculpture

    Want to make a sculpture for your bookshelf or desk? Get started by learning some basic skills by making a Man and Dog sculpture before…
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    My first bluetooth project

    Let’s begin by pairing our bluetooth sensor with Arduino. You can attach the bluetooth like this if you are doing the bubble maker First we’ll…
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    Night Light Projector

    Cool light animations for your ceiling at night time!

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    Two-Tone Man

    Your new design challenge is to make a cool two coloured funny man sculpture for your new customer so they can sell it all over the world in their premium store! Having heard about your amazing creativity, they have asked you to make a cool design from your own imagination (although we have some examples here for inspiration also!). In order to meet their needs there are some dimensions you must keep to, but everything else is up to you. Have fun!