My first bluetooth project

Let’s begin by pairing our bluetooth sensor with Arduino.

You can attach the bluetooth like this if you are doing the bubble maker

First we’ll pair our mobile device with the Bluetooth sensor

Next we’ll create an account in MIT app inventor and connect it to our mobile device.

Now we can make the connections for the project.

Time to make our first program in MIT app inventor, the next video is a tutorial, and the following video is hands-on.

The next video is a continuation of the last video, programming your first MIT App Inventor app, this time hands on – roll your sleeves up!

Now we’ll test the app we just made, to see if the Connect and Disconnect buttons work.

Before we make our Blockly program, we need to take a quick look at how variables work.

Now on to finish the bluetooth app in MIT app inventor, and take a look at the Blockly program we need to make to receive commands from your mobile device.

Time to program your Arduino to communicate with your app and test a flashing LED!

How to use voice commands to turn your LED on and off

How to download your app to your mobile device

How to download Gimp and design a background for your app

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